Our Values


We believe wellness is the foundation of happiness for both pets and humans. We’re passionate about integrated health, built on exercise, nutrition, preventative care, and continued education.


Our colorful community of pets and their humans is the reason we exist. We’re honored to be a part of that community and proud to be actively involved in keeping it happy and healthy.


Innovation is what defines us. We’re inspired to do what no one else has done in pet care, to invent novel, new services and products that enhance the tiny lives of our pets and not so tiny lives of our clients.


Design is the foundation of our identity. From the details in our branding to the look and feel of our stores, our appreciation for design communicates a premium, contemporary modern design that mirrors the lives of our customers.


We believe the new luxury isn’t about extravagance. Today’s luxury is about purpose and function, supporting the things that matter to us, and getting the most out of life for ourselves and our pets.