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Film with us.

Located at the Santa Fe Lofts building in the Historic Core of Downtown Los Angeles, Pussy & Pooch offers a premier corner location, a unique venue for film and photo shoots. Perfect for any Pet related shoot, it can also be transformed into other retail or social settings. This dynamic space has multiple sections providing opportunity for creativity. 


The Space


Our high end designer boutique can easily be transformed into any specialty retail environment, not limited to pet specialty.

Outdoor Patio

Ideal for any patio or outdoor shot, including a cafe or restaurant.

Exterior & Windows

Historic building exterior with long and spacious window displays and sidewalk area.

Square Footage

Total Space: 3200 square feet
Boutique: 2600 square feet
Patio: 400 square feet


Pussy & Pooch is available as a commercial shoot location and can be flexible to accommodate a variety of shooting needs. Weekday mornings are typically the best times for scheduling. Please submit a booking request and a member of our team will contact you.