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Pet Grooming


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We're not wearing anything
under our coats.

Our modern pet grooming salon provides a premium, spa-like experience for your cat or dog. Maintaining your pet’s overall health and wellness with regular and proper grooming is made convenient with attentive, high-quality services. Our Bathhouse also offers posh add-ons and an a la carte menu to help tailor the experience for your pet and your lifestyle. Then, let our pet stylist take it from there.


Pet Grooming is available at the following locations:

Choose a location for more details or to schedule an appointment.

Downtown LA

(213) 438-0900


Grooming Hours
Everyday  9:30am – 6pm

Belmont Shore

(562) 434-7700


Grooming Hours
Mon  11am – 6pm
Tue to Sun9:30am – 6pm



Deluxe Bath

Cats $65-$75 based on breed and coat type
Dogs $50-$150 based on size, breed, and coat type

Our Deluxe Bath is a premium service at an affordable price. We recommend scheduling your dog's service every 4 weeks, your cat’s every 8 weeks and between haircuts if needed.


  • Shampoo & Condition

  • Ear Cleaning & Hair Removal

  • Eye, Pad, & Sanitary Trims

  • Brush-Out

  • Blueberry Facial

  • Nail Trim & Grind

  • Toothbrushing

  • Gland Express (external)

  • Paw Pad Rub

  • Bandanas & Bows

Deluxe Bath with
Haircut & Style

Cats $85-$100 based on breed and coat type
Dogs $65-$150 based on size, breed, and coat type

Take it to the next level for that pooch or pussycat that requires more maintenance and pampering. Our Haircut and Styling service is the ultimate Bathhouse experience. Consult with our professional Pet Stylists to choose the cut, clip, or style to get the perfect look for your pet.


  • Stylist Consultation

  • Haircut & Style

  • Shampoo & Condition

  • Ear Cleaning & Hair Removal

  • Eye, Pad, & Sanitary Trims

  • Brush-Out

  • Blueberry Facial

  • Nail Trim & Grind

  • Toothbrushing

  • Gland Express (external)

  • Paw Pad Rub

  • Bandanas & Bows


Make sure you're ready for your first time.




Full Dyes & Creative Grooming   Call for Pricing

Add a complete Full Dye service to your pet’s coat. This service is an add on to a Deluxe Bath or Haircut and Styling package. Additional costs may be incurred for detailed creative grooming. Please call ahead to discuss this service with your groomer and make sure we have your desired color in stock.

Partial Dyes   Call for Pricing

Add partial dye to your pet’s coat, their paws, legs, tail, ears, lion head, or a Mohawk. This service is an add on to a Deluxe Bath or Haircut and Styling package. Please call ahead to discuss this service with your groomer and make sure we have your desired color in stock.

De-Shed Furminator Treatment    S/M $15  |  L/XL $20

We utilize a 3-step process to effectively reduce excessive shedding. Using a combination of special grooming tools and specially formulated enriched shampoo and solutions to help strengthen hair shafts and release the undercoat.

De-Flea    BATH $10  |  SPOT TREATMENT $20

We only promote all natural flea control grooming products that contain non-pyrethroid type compounds to kill fleas. Safe enough to be used on young puppies and kittens, and in conjunction with other spot treatments like Frontline Plus or Advantage. 

*We are a FLEA FREE zone; however if fleas are found during the course of service, we are obligated to perform our all natural De-Flea bath treatment at an additional charge.

Medicated Bath Treatment    $10-15

Our Medicated Bath is a shampoo/rinse treatment for animals suffering with skin issues. The antiseptic disinfectant Chlorhexidine, has a wide range of antimicrobial activity against fungi and most bacteria. Great for dogs and cats with yeast or bacteria and can also help as an adjunct for demodectic mange and other pyodermas.

Soft Claws Nail Caps    HALF SET $20  |  FULL SET $30

A humane alternative to declawing. Soft Claws are plastic nail caps that protect a cat or dog’s nails, as well as protecting your furniture from scratches. Available for either two or four paws, our service includes both the set and application.

Pawz Boots    $5

Pawz dog boots are disposable, reusable, and waterproof. A great way to keep your dog’s paws clean after grooming, this is for a single set of four biodegradable boots, and they come in either black or primary colors varying by size.

Dematting    $15 EACH 15 MIN

Dematting is the removal of very severe knots in a pet’s coat. We brush out the mats before bathing to avoid tightening of the knots. This service requires an additional release form, and depending on the severity, brushing them out may not be possible. If the coat is too tangled, the animal will require a shave down haircut to remove the mats, alleviate any pain and prevent damage to the skin. 

Spa Treatments

Calm  Soothing Mud Masque $25-45 

Our beloved dogs live in a human world filled with toxins and pollutants that are harmful to their health and well-being, causing irritable hot spots, blemishes, and other canine dermatitis. Madra Mór Soothing Mud is designed to promote healthy skin while combating canine skin problems and bacteria. Made with mineral rich clay, high concentrations of Colloidal Oatmeal and  nourishing healing elements, these time tested skin care ingredients hydrate dry skin, promoting healthy cell regeneration and easing irritation. 

Ingredients: Organic Aloe Vera Whole Leaf Powder, Allantion, Borage Oil, Rice Bran Oil.

Hydrate  Shed Safely Mud Masque $25-45

If your dog has dry skin, this is the ideal treatment. When the weather heats up, dogs can’t take their coats off to cool down, which is the primary reason that dogs shed. But dry skin causes excessive shedding that can be prevented. Madra Mór Shed Safely Mud is the perfect solution for both excessive shedding and dry skin. Shed Safely Mud is made with fine, nutrient rich, hypoallergenic clay, and powerful, nourishing ingredients, to form a creamy, mousse-like texture. Mother Nature’s best ingredients cleanse, exfoliate, and feed the skin to promote healthy cell regeneration and a beautiful coat.

Ingredients: Aloe Vera Whole Leaf Dried Powder, Borage Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Zinc, Allantion

Energize  Mobility Mud Masque $25-45

As the years pass aches, pains, and soreness can cause serious discomfort or inflammation in a dog’s muscles. Madra Mór Mobility Mud is an all-natural canine skin and coat cleanser enhanced with peppermint and menthol that is massaged into the skin creating a penetrating cold therapy. Menthol is a local anesthetic that stimulates nerve receptors in the skin to relieve minor aches and pains and instantly stops itching. Your dog will love the cooling sensation. Afterwards, the body restores homoeostasis naturally by circulating and generating its own heat. This treatment gets the blood flowing and flushes the toxins.

Nourish  Nutrient Deep Conditioning Masque $25-45

Isle of Dogs created this nourishing treatment specifically for your long-coated dog. Highly concentrated, this exceptional deep-conditioning treatment restores body and strength to damaged hair, reducing breakage and shedding, and effectively eliminating tangles. Wheat proteins and vitamin-rich fatty acids combine to impart natural beauty and infuse long lasting humectants into dry or lifeless coats. After this essential nourishing treatment is applied, your dog is wrapped in a warm towel to further relax and allow the all-natural ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin and coat. 

Service Details

Shampoo & Conditioning 

All products used in our Bathhouse grooming salon are all-natural, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly. We carry a diverse selection of shampoos and conditioners that are mild on your pet's skin, even with frequent bathing. We hand select the best product for your pet based on their coat and skin type, to achieve the best results.

Haircut & Styling

Meet with our Pet Stylists to find the perfect cut, clip, and style. 

Blueberry Facial

Our extra-mild aromatherapy facial treatment cleans and brightens faces, muzzles, and tear stains.

Blow Dry 

Heated dryers can be harmful. Our Bathhouse uses only forced-air, heatless dryers to safely dry your pets.

Paw Pad Rub

We moisturize and protect paw pads with a soothing balm, perfect relief for tough concrete streets and sidewalks. 


Festive and fabulous, we include a finishing touch on all of our pet guests.
(We can remove upon request.)

Brush Out

We gently brush out coats to remove tangles and loose hair, and distribute oils from the skin throughout the coat. 

A La Carte

Trims    Eyes $10|  Pads $5  |  Sanitary $10

Trims are available on a walk-in basis for the eyes, pads, or sanitary areas only. Any additional trimming requested will require a scheduled package.

Nail Trim & Grind    $15

We recommend a routine pawdicure monthly for dogs and cats, safely trimming nails and grinding to a smooth finish.

Ear Cleaning & Hair Removal    $10

We recommend routine ear cleaning and trimming to prevent wax/dirt buildup, future irritations, and parasite infestation.

Toothbrushing    $10

We massage gums and clean teeth with an all natural vanilla flavored toothpaste. 

Nail Painting    $20

Try our pawdicure with our pet-friendly nail polish, a great addition to the nail trim and grind service. We have an array of colors, please call ahead to confirm your favorite color is in stock.

Gland Express    $15

Anal glands expressed externally upon request and as needed. Some dogs may require internal gland expression, performed by your veterinarian.