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Style & Design


Doggy (and Kitty) Style.

We create harmonious, custom-designed spaces for modern pets and their people. Then we help you shop for it. Our design and personal shopping services define urbane animal style through beautifully functional pet furniture, accessories, pet-friendly flooring, upholstery, bedding fabrics, and space planning for cat and dog habitats. Visit our Style Studio and choose from an array of fabrics and styles to add that personal touch. We take our time and tailor everything to your lifestyle. 


Interior Design

Each dog and cat has unique needs to consider when creating a comfortable habitat. Our creative pet lifestyle interior design services can transform your modern living or work space into a welcoming, comfortable, pet-friendly space. Satisfying the wants and needs of both human and animal, our personalized interiors are both stylish and functional. 

Our design services are available throughout Southern California.


Style Studio

Tailor your next cat or dog item with your favorite color, fabric or design. Custom order select products in our Style Studio and create the perfect fit for your pooch or pussycat with the help of our attentive pet fashion stylist. Small dogs with supermodel attitudes are encouraged to get fitted and strut on our canine catwalk.


Style & Design is available at the following location:


Downtown LA

(213) 438-0900