Training Lab
Immersive Program

5 days/week

$1500 - includes boarding at facility

$1750 - includes private boarding with trainer

$1250 - no boarding

Animal training is a language, and the most effective way proven to learn any new language is through an immersive program. Human/canine disconnect is one of the leading causes to behavioral problems, both in and out of the home. By building a solid pathway of communication between the animal and their human, we help to alleviate, if not diminish, the dysfunction that can arise from speaking opposite languages.
Designed for the dog that has a specific problem, or has had little to no prior training, our Immersive Training program requires consecutive attendance 5 days per week. This is crucial as it allows us to build better bonds and utilize the momentum from the day before.
Special emphasis is placed on helping each dog to actualize his or her own unique potential with respect to their manners, behavior and intelligence in an urban environment. This allows for a highly customizable curriculum, including but not limited to; Temperment & Confidence Building, Basic & Advanced Obedience, Behavioral Rehabilitation, Separation Anxiety, Puppy Preparatory School (Puppy Prep), and many more.
Pet Parents are incorporated into the training on a weekly basis so that they become fluent in their dogs newly acquired functional language and behavior program. Owner lessons are one of the most critical aspects of the training process, ensuring a solid understanding of your dog’s education and developing the best companion bond possible.