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New Clients


We strive to create an amazing service environment at Pussy & Pooch that is far beyond anything that you or your pet has ever experienced. To create such a utopia for your pets, we have a few basic standards that we ask all of our guests to understand and to adhere.

Admission Requirements


The purpose of the Pussy & Pooch Social Club is to provide a safe, fun and stimulation social environment for canine clients. To ensure the safety and health of your dog and our other guests, we require all guests comply with the following Rules and Regulations:

  1. All dogs must be 6 months OR OLDER & must be SPAYED OR NEUTERED.
  2. All dogs must have up-to-date VACCINATIONS. Pet guardians must submit written proof of DHLPP and Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccinations. Bordetella vaccinations must be boostered each year. Rabies vaccination as required by law for puppies over 4 months of age. We take a progressive approach toward your vaccination management and gladly accept valid titer test results and/or homeopathic nosodes as proof of current vaccinations
  3. The Social Club is a FLEA-FREE zone, flea control such as Frontline or Advantage must be in use. If we notice any fleas we will provide your dog with a flea bath in our Bathhouse pet grooming salon at your cost.
  4. All dogs must be in GOOD HEALTH. Pet guardians must certify their dog(s) are in good health and have not been ill with a communicable condition in the last 30 days. Upon admission, all dogs must be free from any condition that potentially could jeopardize other guests. Dogs that have been ill with a communicable condition in the last 30 days will require a veterinarian certification of health to be admitted, or re-admitted.
  5. All dogs are required to wear a FLAT OR PEMIER-STYLE COLLAR.
  6. Pet guardians are required to have their dogs' micro chipped or tattooed.
  7. All dogs must be NON-AGGRESSIVE and neither food nor toy protective. Pet guardians must certify that their dog(s) have neither harmed, nor shown, any aggressive or threatening behavior towards any person or other dog(s).
  8. Due to our limited space, the Social Club is designed for small to medium dogs. We will be very selective with large breed dogs to ensure the safety and space for canine clients. We love the big guys too, but large dogs may be more comfortable in another facility.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Your pet will be spending time with other pets and the health and safety of all animals is our main concern. 




Our Social Club and Training Lab are limited in space, so we ask all guests to pre-book these services. We closely monitor the attendance so that we have a highly proportionate level of trainers per dogs, this also allows for better supervision and optimum learning for your pet.

Reservations for the Social Club and Training Lab can be made in-store, or on the phone, to book your pet a day of play and learning.

Cancellation &
No-Show Policy


Your Social Club or Training Lab appointment is reserved for your pet. Please provide a minimum 24-hr cancellation notice. Your failure to do so will result in forfeit of the day's service.

Buy a Day, or a Membership Package


Day passes are available, but as a member, you will enjoy even greater discounts and priority access to our Services. General Members will be able to purchase passes to our Social Club and Training Lab in packs of 5, 10, and 20. Unlimited Members have access to our Social Club 6 days a week.



Social Club is a haven of enrichment and fun for your dog and in order to keep it that way , they need to take time off to decompress, just like we do. For that reason; Full Days in Social Club may not exceed 12 hours. For days exceeding 12 hours, Overtime Fees ($20/hr) will apply. Our guests must have one Full Day off from Social Club a week unless they are in Boarding. If you must bring your dog in for a 7th day within the calendar week, you will be charged a full a la carte rate of $60 regardless of membership.

Late Checkout


Pick-up from our Social Club is prior to 9PM on weekdays and 7PM on Saturdays. If your pet has not been picked up by our designated pickup/closing time, your Emergency Contact info will be called. In the event that we cannot track down anyone who is responsible for your pet by store closing hours, your pet will be booked into Boarding for the night. Owner will be charged $180 for Emergency Overnight Boarding.

Pet Valet / Express Pickup & Drop-off Service (back entrance)


Please enter the alley off South Santa Monica Blvd. Our pet Valet will be stationed in the alley for Drop-off between the hours of 8AM-10AM; and Pick-up between the hours of 4:30PM-6:30PM. To utilize the Pet Valet Service, stop in the YELLOW LOADING ZONE and please call 310.221.8644 x111 for the attendant. Outside of these hours, please use the main entrance. Dogs must be on leash at all times.

What to Expect

Considering Social Club for your dog? Here are a few things that you should keep in mind regarding what to expect when socializing your dog with other dogs in a group environment. Know the benefits, risks, and generally what to expect

Benefits of the Social Club

  • At Pussy & Pooch we use the time in our Club not only for the dogs to exercise, socialize, and enjoy each other, but we also use it as a time for positive reinforcement training. If we see any bad behaviors we will correct and reward your dog for improvements. Your dog will learn appropriate behavior from the pack mentality monitored by our group of professionally trained attendants. 
  • The Social Club is a great way to socialize your dog, especially if you have a puppy or a shy dog. Puppies are very impressionable and the more they are socialized the more likely they will grow up to be well-adjusted balanced dogs. If you have a shy or nervous dog, our Club can be a great tool to help your dog build his or her confidence and adjust to other dogs and people. Just remember it can take time for a shy dog to get used to these new experiences and really enjoy themselves.
  • The Social Club will provide your dog with an excellent learning environment. It will provide physical, as well as, mental exercise. Do not discount how thoroughly exhausting mental stimulation may be for a dog. A visit to our Social Club can be very tiring and you may find your pet needs some extra time to catch up on sleep.
  • Even those dogs that are not as energetic and do not enjoy non-stop play, benefit from the mental stimulation they get from our Social Club. There is always lots to watch and new smells to check out.
  • The Social Club can help with dogs that suffer from separation anxiety. It gives your dogs a place to go during the day when you cannot be with them and provides both mental and physical stimulation which will make them tired and more receptive to the training you do at home to overcome their anxiety.

Inherent risks of the Social Club

  • Our Social Club for dogs is really no different than sending a child to school. Every child catches a cold or the flu at some point and it is not different with dogs. We do require all dogs to be current on vaccines, but even so, there is a small risk your dog could catch something. We ask that if you notice signs that your dog might be feeling a little under the weather, to please refrain from bringing your dog to our facility until feeling better. 
  • The Social Club can be similar to a contact sport for humans, except these participants are playing the game with their teeth and claws. The more active of a player your dog is, the more likely they will get scratches and other marks on them. There are a high proportionate level of trainers with the dogs at all times, and we monitor the dogs for appropriate behavior and correct bad habits to keep play levels as safe as possible, but sometimes things do happen. If we notice anything, we will point it out to you, but remember, they are covered in hair and we will not see everything. If you do find a mark you feel may be concerning, please let us know. 
  • Some dogs experience tender paws until they adapt to all the activity. Oftentimes they do not let us know that their feet are sore because they are too busy playing and having a good time.

Other things to know about the Social Club

  • After a day of play, your dog will most likely go home hungry, thirsty, and tired. This is normal. During play, dogs might not take the time to stop and drink as much as they should. We always have fresh water available, but many dogs are too distracted with playing. Do not be surprised if your dog goes homes, eats and falls asleep. This too is normal and is probably one of the primary reasons you bring your dog to our Social Club.
  • We have special quiet areas for your pup to relax during the day and take a break from playing; However, because dogs may not often take a break on their own, they are still going to need some extra sleep at home. If you would like to request special quiet times for your dog, we do have VIP rooms available for your dog to have a chill moment with one of our trainers. 
  • We love feedback, so please communicate any questions or concerns that you may have. At the end of the day we want the Social Club to be an enjoyable experience for you and your dog!