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Social Club


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Play hardcore.

Our Social Club is a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled, canine fitness center, designed for uninhibited playtime. Supervised by our experienced trainers, dogs come to socialize and play games. Our team provides the highest quality pet care and services including reinforcement of obedience principles, basic commands, correction of bad habits, and a focus on social aptitude.



  • Climate-controlled canine fitness center
  • Agility and Exercise Equipment
  • VIP Nap Room
  • “Luxe Lounge” for small dog chill zone
  • PetAirapy air ventilation and purification system
  • Hospital grade antibacterial flooring
  • Video recording for safety and training


Single Day Visit  $65  (Members, only $55)

Whether for work or pleasure, or traveling to the Los Angeles area, take the day while we add some excitement to your dog's social life. Advance reservations are recommended, along with a deposit, proof of vaccinations, and on-site temperament test.

Hourly Visit  $15/hour  (Members, only $10/hour)

Perfect for last minute, on-the-go types, drop off your pet for a little interaction and exercise while you run a few errands.

Stay the Day Add-On  $30  (Members Only Option)

Take your time picking up and enjoy our special price when you add a day of Social Club to our full-service Pet Grooming or Pet Dental.


Become a Member.

$50 Monthly (paid quarterly)

Join the Social Club. Our Membership Program is designed for the active canine and pet parent looking to build socialization skills, improve health and wellness, or find a professional facility to watch your pooch during the day. Members receive VIP treatment, including special prices and perks.

Monthly memberships include: 

  • Access to package pricing for Social, Training, Boarding services
  • Special rates for Training Lab and Enrichment Activity add-ons
  • Custom fitness program
  • Personalized cubby with your pet's name
  • Complimentary monthly Nail Trim and meal at our Pawbar
  • Easy monthly auto renewals
  • No contract, No initiation fees, Cancel anytime
  • Additional discount perks, save 10% on all Retail Products, 10% on Grooming services, 10% on Green Dog Dental services, Preferred Parking

Member Packages

For our active Members, we offer exclusive packages with special rates.

(Packages never expire, use them whenever you wish.)

5 Visits


(Only $55/day)

Get a great deal and convenience without making a big commitment.

10 Visits


(Only $52/day)

Perfect for pets and clients with unpredictable schedules, at a special rate.

20 Visits


(Only $49.50/day)

Awesome value and flexibility, save big on each visit and use them whenever you're ready.


$750 Monthly

Our Best Value!

The ultimate, designed for pets who frequent the Social Club 3 times a week or more.

Enrichment Activities

Challenge the mind and senses, get a deeper workout, or quality one-on-one attention by upgrading any visit with Enrichment Activities. Ask your trainer or concierge staff member about any of our activities for your dog’s next visit or speak with one of our Training Lab professionals to design a custom curriculum for a more advanced, tailored program.


Adventure Hike  2 hours  $20

The Adventure Hike is just the trick to burn off your dog’s excess energy. Hikes range from beginner to advanced to leave your pup pooped! Avoid the post-hike cleanup and add this to activity to our Pet Grooming service so your dog can leave nature behind and come home smelling fresh.

Quiet Time  60 minutes  $10

Dogs relax in our VIP Nap Room with your chew of choice, pick your preference or let your dog sniff the Treat Bar and choose their own. This is R&R at it’s finest with soothing zen music or a pet-friendly movie.

Treadmill Workout  15 minutes  $10

Our state of the art pet Treadmill is available for dogs who want more physical exertion without getting their paws dirty. Watch them strut under the watchful eye of our Trainers and earn their beach bodies in no time! Consider a Wellness Consultation with one of our Veterinarians to assess your dog’s Core Wellness.

Urban Walk 15 minutes  $10

Let your dog get out and see the sights by adding on an Urban tour of Beverly Hills. Our Trainers will show your pooch the beauty of our pet-friendly city while brushing up on their leash manners.

Specialized Playtime  30 minutes  $20

Your pooch will enjoy the mental stimulation learning to solve one of our interactive puzzle games or exercising their nose with a thrilling session of Find It! Challenge your pet with one of the following Interactive Games:

Treat Ball – This easy activity utilizes your pups nose and basic problem solving skills in a way that is mentally stimulating and builds confidence.

Puzzle Games – A more advanced version to Treat Ball is our Puzzle Games by Nina Ottosson. This provides rich mental stimulation and encourages your dog’s problem solving skills.

Find It – This is a game for the olfactory inclined and helps to improve your dog’s toleration of frustration while improving their sense of focus. Once your pup understands the mechanics of this game, the possible variations are endless!

Hide & Seek – Quick! Call the K9 Urban Search and Rescue Team! One of our Trainers has gone missing! Let your dog show off their skills with a dramatic game of Hide and Seek! Similar to Find It, Hide and Seek relies on your dog’s problem solving skills and sense of smell.

Catch! – Whether snagging a treat out of the air or flying high to grab their favorite ball, a rousing game of Catch! will help your hound to improve their agility and coordination.

Thimblerig (The Shell Game) – This is a fast-paced version of an old time game of chance where your pup will Find It on the fly! Gamblers Anonymous welcomed.


Social Club is exclusive to our Beverly Hills location.

Call (310) 221-8644 to schedule an appointment.


Make sure you're ready for your first time.


When joining the Social Club, all dogs must first pass a temperament test and provide proof of vaccinations to ensure client safety and health. Temperament Tests include new client paperwork, an assessment of your dog's social aptitude and trainer feedback. These sessions are 30-45 minutes, appointments in advance are required. 


Hop in our back seat.

Local Transport

We offer transport services for Beverly Hills and the surrounding cities. Your pets can now ride to and from our Beverly Hills location in safety and style for any of our services. Pet owners and canine passengers can choose from our SleepyPod cage-free Clickit Sport Pet Safety Harnesses or our comfortable travel crate.


5+ Trips per Week


Single Trip

Trips are one-way, within 3 miles. For trips longer than 3 miles, please request a quote.

Transport Hours
Monday - Friday
Pick-Up Times: 6:30am - 9:00am
Drop-Off Times: 4:30pm - 7:00pm

To request transportation, make a reservation in advance in person or by phone by calling (310) 221-8644 x111.