Pet Kelp Antioxidant

Pet Kelp Antioxidant


Give your pet the daily vitamins and minerals they need plus the extras they deserve all in one simple, great tasting, 2-in-1 supplement. First, we created a unique kelp blend that provides a full multi-mineral and vitamin complex. Then, we added a few select ingredients to create 3 wholesome formulas. Pet Kelp ensures your pet's diet is nutritionally sound. Nova Scotia blueberries are the perfect addition to our daily mineral and vitamin complex made from blended kelp (seaweed). Anthocyanins (the pigment that makes blueberries dark blue) are powerful antioxidants. Each Pet Kelp serving gives a full dose of antioxidants, the best source of the anti-aging nutrient thought to decrease cancer and heart disease. Just like people, giving high quality antioxidants to dogs and cats can be extremely beneficial for their long term health.

Our Antioxidant formula is a health enhancing formula appropriate for any healthy dog or cat. And, of course, every pet we know LOVES the taste. Pet Kelp Antioxidant is made with kelp and blueberries. That's it!

Size:  8 oz

Ingredients: Dried Kelp, Organic Flax Seed

Guaranteed Analysis: (per tablespoon) MINERALS Calcium: 0.848% Phosphorus: 0.142% Potassium: 1.77% Sodium: 2.07% Chlorine: 0.824% Magnesium: 0.449% Iron: 1.17 mg Copper: 0.043 mg Manganese: 151 mcg Zinc: 0.302 mg Iodine: 3.74 mg Selenium: 22.6 mcg Aluminum: 0.150 mg Antimony: 8.4 mg Barium: 112 mcg Beryllium: 0.748 mcg Boron: 0.598 mg Cadmium: 1.5 mcg Chromium: 3.74 mcg Cobalt: 7.48 mcg Germanium: 0.748 mcg Lantunum: 0.823 mcg Lithium: 0.898 mcg Molybdenum: 2.99 mcg Nickel: 37.4 mcg Nitrogen: 44.9 mg Rubidium: 0.673 mcg Silicon: 11.5 mg Stontium: 0.748 mg Sulfur: 150 mg Tin: 52.4 mcg Titanium: 21.7 mcg Tungsten: 2.24 mcg Vanadium: 15.0 mcg

VITAMINS: Vitamin A (IU): 8.41 IU Vitamin E (IU) 1.65 IU Tocopherols: 162 mcg Thiamine: 22.9 mcg Riboflavin: 41.1 mcg Pantothenic Acid: 12.4 mcg Niacin: 117 mcg Vitamin B6: 5.54 mcg Folates: 1.75 mcg Vitamin B12: 0.030 mcg Choline: 0.630 mg Biotin: 0.748 mcg Carotene: 224 mcg Folinic Acid: 0.748 mcg Lutein: 5.21 mcg Vitamin C: 1375 mcg Vitamin K: 59.9 mcg

AMINO ACIDS: Arginine: 0.641% Histinine: 0.092% Isoluecine: 0.217% Leucine: 0.346% L-lysine: 0.613% Methionine: 0.123% Phenylalanine: 0.233% Tyrosine: 0.166% Threonine: 0.308% Trytophan: 0.088% Valine: 0.244% Alanine: 0.323% Aspartic Acid: 0.450% Cysteine: 0.377% Glutamic Acid: 0.930% Glycine: 0.404% Hydroxyproline: 0.024% Proline: 0.287% Serine: 0.196%

OTHER: (Linoleic Acid) Omega 6: 46 mg (Linolenic Acid) Omega 3: 166 mg

* Not recognized as essential nutrients by AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profile^ Not recognnized as essential nutrients by AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profile

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