A La Carte

Trims    Eyes $10|  Pads $5  |  Sanitary $10

Trims are available on a walk-in basis for the eyes, pads, or sanitary areas only. Any additional trimming requested will require a scheduled package.

Nail Trim & Grind    $12

We recommend a routine pawdicure monthly for dogs and cats, safely trimming nails and grinding to a smooth finish.

Ear Cleaning & Hair Removal    $10

We recommend routine ear cleaning and trimming to prevent wax/dirt buildup, future irritations, and parasite infestation.

Toothbrushing    $10

We massage gums and clean teeth with an all natural vanilla flavored toothpaste. 

Nail Painting    $20

Try our pawdicure with our pet-friendly nail polish, a great addition to the nail trim and grind service. We have an array of colors, please call ahead to confirm your favorite color is in stock.

Gland Express    $15

Anal glands expressed upon request and as needed.