Air Buggy Nest Ivory

Air Buggy Nest Ivory


Many medium-sized dog head Shepherd or large dog-friendly cart. Suitable for weighing up to 45 kg. Fold lightly tap will hang a thick compact size of only 19 cm. "Air Buggy for Dog is a design concept that is always with your dog for dog carts. From everyday shopping to holiday travel. In daily life, in people and dogs together we stayed for what you need? It was currently pursued spoon arrived at the end of the trial, but the ride comfort and ease of driving style. Our GMP international started out for baby strollers "Air Buggy.

It is Air Buggy for Dog dog carts poured the know-how acquired in the process of its development, was born. Protect pets their babies as well as cherished family members, was considered sufficient to safety. Stay together as long as possible, I want make memories a lot. Conducts manufacturing put feelings to people and dogs can live happily.

Fold the frame: the 115.0 x 79.0 x height 101.0 cm, frame hours: width 79.0 x depth height 90.0 x 19.0 cm,

Cotto: width 55.0 depth 81.0 x 61.0 cm.

Small dogs-many medium-sized dog head Shepherd, for large dogs

Accessories: air pump, wrist strap, instruction manual and set of user registration Body weight 12.4 kg

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