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Let's Sleep Together.

Every night is spend the night with our guest-centric slumber party-style cage-free canine boarding inside Social Club. Dogs unwind after an active day of enrichment in our state-of-the-art, climate-controlled, Urban Resort designed for their comfort. Our evening amenities include luxury bedding, aromatherapy and music designed to provide the best quality of sleep. Under the expert care of our highly trained and CPR certified staff, your dog may never want to leave.



Our overnight accommodations are offered as an add-on service to Social Club with 24/7 availability 365 days/year with the following add-on rates:

Member Pricing

General Member  $40/night  | Stay includes 1 Enrichment Activity

Unlimited Member  $40/night  | Stay includes 1 Enrichment Activity

Training Lab Client  $60/night  | Enrichment Activities included

Non-Member Pricing

Gold Level  $120/night  | Stay includes Social Club, Cage-free Boarding, and 2 Enrichment Activities; Recommended dogs - Social Club dogs, lower energy, small dogs

Platinum Level  $140/night  | Stay includes Social Club, Cage-free Boarding, and 3 Enrichment Activities; Recommended dogs - Training Lab dogs, higher energy, special needs

Multi-Pet Family Discount

Save 10% on your second, and each additional dog

Holiday Pricing

Pricing may vary with holiday surge pricing. Please call to confirm pricing for your required dates. Read our Terms of Services to learn more about our requirements for Holiday stays.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is my pet always supervised while boarding at Pussy & Pooch?
A: Yes! Our expert staff will supervise your pet 24 hours a day.

Q: Does your overnight staff sleep in the facility? 
A.  It’s lights out from 10pm to 6am and to ensure the best quality sleep for your pet, our overnight staff will be sleeping with them, just like you do at home!

Q: If you don’t have kennels or crates, where do the dogs sleep? 
A. Our boarding guests may choose from premium Kurunda beds, plush pet beds, fluffy blankets, cushy mats or even the floor, if they prefer. Comfort is key and we have options!  

Q: What if I want my dog to be crated at night? 
A: We have crates available if that’s your preference, however, if your pet has not been crate trained, we highly recommend that they board with one of our Trainers so that they may be taught in a more successful environment. 

Q. My dog has never done Cage Free boarding before, how do I know s/he will be comfortable? 
A. Each and every dog must not only pass our Temperament Test, but be further evaluated to determine that Cage-Free boarding is an appropriate fit for them. 

Q. How do I go about having my dog evaluated? 
A. If your dog has not attended Social Club or our Training Lab, please schedule a Temperament Test. If your pet is already an active guest, an additional (brief) evaluation may be conducted by one of our Trainers to ensure that Cage-Free boarding is the best fit for them.

Q: What about dogs that are on special diets, or require medication? 
A: No problem. We have many years of experience working with dog requiring medication, and that have special dietary needs. 

Q: Is there an additional charge for medicating a dog? 
A: While we do not have an additional charge for medication, dogs that require a higher level of care are required to be a Platinum guest.

Q: If there are no kennels, how do you feed the dogs? 
A: Each guest is either fed in a private room, like our Zen Room or one of our Training Rooms, or in a kennel prepped specifically for meal times. Dogs are never fed meals in a group setting. 

Q: What should I bring when I board my dog at Pussy & Pooch? 
A: You should bring your dog’s personal food, any medication or supplements and feeding instructions. Personal items, such as bones, toys, bowls and blankets are best left at home because they can get damaged or lost and we have plenty of these items for your dog to choose from. 

Q: What if my dog doesn’t like to play with other dogs? 
A: Dogs have many different temperaments and social aptitudes; not every dog loves to play with other dogs but enjoys sharing space with them. Our playgroups are crafted to be inclusive and supportive of these differences. 

Q. What if my dog REALLY doesn’t like other dogs? Is there a separate area for dogs that don’t get along with others? 
A. While we do have areas that we can use to separate dogs if absolutely necessary (and during feeding times), we are not able to board dogs that require their own space. If you’re unsure whether or not your dog is able to socialize with others, please call us to schedule a Temperament Test.

Q: Are there any breed restrictions at Pussy & Pooch?
A: No; we carefully evaluate each individual dog, and we’re confident in our experience, and our ability to recognize potentially problematic behaviors in a dog, no matter the breed. However, not all Temperaments are the best suited to Cage-Free Boarding and another recommendation might be provided. 

Q: Do you offer a discount if I have two dogs?
A: Yes, we offer multiple dog discounts. Any additional pet is 10% off.

Q: Do you offer a discount for extended stays?
A: No, we do not provide discounts for extended stays, as your dog will be receiving the same high level of care from their first day to their last day. Longer stays require more attention, to keep them engaged with the group and environment.


  • Climate-controlled canine fitness center
  • Agility and Exercise Equipment
  • VIP Nap Room
  • “Luxe Lounge” for small dog chill zone
  • PetAirapy air ventilation and purification system
  • Hospital grade antibacterial flooring
  • Video recording for safety and training

Enrichment Activities

Challenge the mind and senses, get a deeper workout, or quality one-on-one attention by upgrading any stay with Enrichment Activities. Overnight stays include 1-3 activities per/day depending on your booked rate. Ask your Trainer or Concierge staff member about any of our activities for your dog’s next visit, or speak with one of our Training Lab professionals to design a custom curriculum for a more advanced, tailored program for the length of your dog's stay, maximizing the benefits of the Resort.


Adventure Hike  2 activity credits

The Adventure Hike is just the trick to burn off your dog’s excess energy. Hikes range from beginner to advanced to leave your pup pooped! Avoid the post-hike cleanup and add this to activity to our Pet Grooming service so your dog can leave nature behind and come home smelling fresh.

Quiet Time  1 activity credit

Dogs relax in our VIP Nap Room with your chew of choice, pick your preference or let your dog sniff the Treat Bar and choose their own. This is R&R at it’s finest with soothing zen music or a pet-friendly movie.


FaceTime  1 activity credit

Do you miss your dogs already? Enjoy 1-on-1 FaceTime phone call with your pup, so you can see their smiling face! One of our expert trainers will help your dog dial the numbers.


Treadmill Workout  1 activity credit

Our state of the art pet Treadmill is available for dogs who want more physical exertion without getting their paws dirty. Watch them strut under the watchful eye of our Trainers and earn their beach bodies in no time! Consider a Wellness Consultation with one of our Veterinarians to assess your dog’s Core Wellness.

Urban Walk 1 activity credit

Let your dog get out and see the sights by adding on an Urban tour of Beverly Hills. Our Trainers will show your pooch the beauty of our pet-friendly city while brushing up on their leash manners.

Specialized Playtime  1 activity credit

Your pooch will enjoy the mental stimulation learning to solve one of our interactive puzzle games or exercising their nose with a thrilling session of Find It! Challenge your pet with one of the following Interactive Games:

Treat Ball – This easy activity utilizes your pups nose and basic problem solving skills in a way that is mentally stimulating and builds confidence.

Puzzle Games – A more advanced version to Treat Ball is our Puzzle Games by Nina Ottosson. This provides rich mental stimulation and encourages your dog’s problem solving skills.

Find It – This is a game for the olfactory inclined and helps to improve your dog’s toleration of frustration while improving their sense of focus. Once your pup understands the mechanics of this game, the possible variations are endless!

Hide & Seek – Quick! Call the K9 Urban Search and Rescue Team! One of our Trainers has gone missing! Let your dog show off their skills with a dramatic game of Hide and Seek! Similar to Find It, Hide and Seek relies on your dog’s problem solving skills and sense of smell.

Catch! – Whether snagging a treat out of the air or flying high to grab their favorite ball, a rousing game of Catch! will help your hound to improve their agility and coordination.

Thimblerig (The Shell Game) – This is a fast-paced version of an old time game of chance where your pup will Find It on the fly! Gamblers Anonymous welcomed.


The Urban Resort is exclusive to our Beverly Hills location.

Call (310) 221-8644 to reserve your stay.


Make sure you're ready for your first time.


As a pre-requisite of  overnight accommodation, all guests must meet the requirements of Social Club.  All dogs must first pass a temperament test and provide proof of vaccinations to ensure client safety and health. Temperament Tests include new client paperwork, an assessment of your dog's social aptitude and trainer feedback. These sessions are 30-45 minutes, appointments in advance are required.

Read our Terms of Services to learn important details and requirements.


Create a new client Profile, giving you the ability to reserve appointments online for Social Club and reservation requests for Boarding.