Sept Mutt Mingle - “I Love You More Than MEAT”

Sept Mutt Mingle “I Love You More Than MEAT…” Bring your hungry pooches for a taste of Primal Pet Food - Wholesome Raw Food for Dog and Cat and a MEATY surprise! Stay tuned for details…

Mutt Mingles are a great way for your dog to learn valuable social skills. It’s a chance for them to experience and interact in a social setting - with food, drink and plenty of other distractions. It’s important for your dog to learn how to behave around other dogs and people. Dog parks or beaches can be very intimidating. Our indoor facility provides for a very comfortable setting and fun atmosphere. Dogs can be off-leash if supervised closely by their owners. For their protection, we lock the front door so dogs are safe from the street traffic.

Pussy & Pooch