New Bathing Services - Save 30%

Got Dirty Dog and Cat? P&P proudly announces our new Full-Service Bathing options designed for urban pets on-the-go! Our Bathhouse is a modern & upscale pet bathing and grooming area designed for comfort, convenience, and a pleasant spa-like experience. By response to overwhelming client feedback, we are now offering grooming essentials for every budget: • Basic Self-Service $12+ • Express Full-Service $21+ • Basic Full-Service $35+ • Full-Service + Spa Treatment $50+ Learn more about the menu of new services offered, including pricing, policies, service descriptions, and hours of service here.

Beginning this weekend, Saturday May 16–18, appointments will be available with our in-house Pet Bathing Specialist on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays. Call to book your appointment 213.438.0900.

As a Special Introductory Offer, we are offering 30%-off Full-Service Appointments now though May 31st. Since our schedule is limited, reserve your appointment time in advance. Parking validations are also available for Full-Service Clients – Ask us about it when booking your appointment.

HEALTHY, CLEAN, and SHINY A regular pet bathing routine is an essential part of maintaining your pets’ overall heath and wellness. Healthy skin and coat is the result of optimal nutrition and is enhanced by proper grooming hygiene. We offer a menu of high quality services tailored to meet your individual budget and lifestyle needs. We encourage you to schedule your pet’s grooming services regularly to keep them pet clean, eliminate future hair mats, and keep fleas at bay, and keep them looking and feeling their absolute best!

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