Nail Trim and Teeth Cleaning Services

FEBRUARY IS NATIONAL PET DENTAL MONTHSun Feb 8 | 1-4pm | Learn More – Anesthesia-Free Dental P&P is pleased to partner with Muttropolitan to create awareness for the importance of healthy dental habits for our pets. Meet our guest and Dental Hygienist Michaela to learn more about Anesthesia-Free Dental Cleaning Service for Cats & Dogs and see a Demo in-store.

2-5pm Plus, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR SPECIAL 1-DAY ONLY NAIL TRIMS BY MUTTROPOLITAN Not sure how to trim cat/dog nails? You are not alone. Must pet owners are not comfortable doing this basic pet care routinely. Meet our guest Grace from Muttropolitan who will be here to trim your pet’s nails and demonstrate the secret to quickly and correctly trimming those claws. NAIL TRIM FEE: $10

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