Meaty Mutt Mingle - LA

(Meaty) Mutt Mingle

“I Love You More Than MEAT…” …And Duck and Lamb, and Chicken and Beef, and Tuna and Rabbit…

Face it. Your furry companions LOVE MEAT. Celebrate it with a Meaty Mutt Mingle!

Bring your hungry pooches (or brave kitties) for a taste of Primal Pet Food - Wholesome Raw Food for Dog and Cat and a MEATY surprise! Plus pick up some FREE fun FLAIR for your pooch & pussycat so that they can show you that they love YOU more than Kibble, Treats, & Meat (ok, maybe not more than Meat, but a lot). Humans will enjoy some refreshing libations and be entering into a FREE drawing to win a Huge Stuffed Boeuf from Sweet-Meats.

Pussy & Pooch