Meaty Mutt Mingle - LA

Join us for the 4th Annual - Meaty Mutt Mingle!                       

"I Love You More Than MEAT..." …And Duck and Lamb, and Chicken and Beef, and Tuna and Rabbit…

Face it. Your furry companions LOVE MEAT. Celebrate it with a Meaty Mutt Mingle!                        

Bring your hungry pooches (or adventurous & curious kitties) for a taste of Primal Pet Food - Wholesome Raw Food for Dog and Cat and a MEATY surprise! Plus pick up some FREE fun FLAIR for your pooch & pussycat so that they can show you that they love YOU more than Kibble, Treats, & Meat (ok, maybe not more than Meat, but a lot). Humans will enjoy some refreshing libations and be entering into a FREE drawing to win a huge plushy Sweet-Meats.


Meaty Mutt Mingle

Long Beach - Fri May 18 | 6-8pm                       

Los Angeles - Tue May 29 | 6-8pm


Meaty Meow Mingle (social for cats!)

Los Angeles - Wed May 23 | 6-8pm

Pussy & Pooch