Kogi BBQ - June Art Walk

P&P is proud to host the Kogi BBQ truck during June's Art Walk. Kogi: An idea born from late night hunger. The taste of Korean BBQ fused with select spices creating some of the most unique and savory bites in LA. Kogi BBQ has become a local phenomenon – over 8000 people follow on Twitter to find its nightly locations. People travel from all over the city just to get a taste of the famous Korean BBQ!

You call learn all about Kogi BBQ at Kogi's website.

In honor of Cosmo's passing, the chef will prepare a special menu item called, “The Cosmo Dog”. (This is the best hot dog I've ever tasted - seriously!)

Kogi is dog friendly! Bring your pooch to experience Kogi and we'll reward you with a FREE MEAL at the PAWBAR.

Menu: Tacos $2, Burritos $5, Cosmo Dog (Pork Belly, Bacon, Onion, Miso-mayo Dog) $5 The truck will be there from 7 – 9 pm. Get there early as the line up can get long!

We'll have tables and chairs set up for dining on the P&P Patio. The tunes will be cranked as usual. See you then!

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