Karma Training- Puppy Kindergarten Classes


Karma Dog Training founder, Jeffrey Brian, has created a dynamic 7 week, puppy kindergarten and puppy socialization class consisting of over 10 hours worth of instruction designed to give dog owners and their newest addition to the family the headstart in life he or she deserves. Endorsed by Veterinarians, Groomers, Animal Control Officers and Doggie Daycare Professionals, we give unprecedented care and attention to each puppy. 

Taught in Pussy & Pooch's state-of-the art indoor training facility featuring climate controlled spacious rooms, the grounds our kept immaculate as they are parvo and distemper disinfected before each class. This allows maximum safety and comfort for your new puppy!

By hosting weekly puppy kindergarten and puppy socialization classes for puppies between the ages of 8 weeks and four-and-a-half months of age, Karma Dog Training offers puppy owners a safe and supervised place to bring their not-yet-fully vaccinated puppies to immediately begin the process of "safe socialization".


In addition to having your puppy become "super socialized", your dog will learn basic dog obedience with Karma Dog Training's 7 Requests for Success - "sit", "stay", "come", "down", "loose leash walking", "leave it" & "go to your bed". Your puppy will learn this with hand signals and voice cues. No harsh corrections.   

In our puppy kindergarten and socialization classes, your puppy will also learn important bite inhibition skills. Furthermore, we give you a greater understanding of your role in your puppy's behavioral obstacles and how they originated. We then provide you with many practical applications on how to overcome them, turning them from potential negative experiences into positive healing opportunities.


Would you like your dog to sit QUIETLY beside you when another dog walks by?

Would you like your dog to be SUBMISSIVE and get along with other dogs on and off-leash?

Would you like your dog to LIKE being introduced to other dogs and want to play?

Would you like your dog to ENJOY meeting new people instead of fear them?


To find out more about Karma Dog Training's Los Angeles puppy training and puppy socialization classes, please email or call at (323) 533-9394 or (818) 383-5386. (Space is limited)

$250 for 8 Week Class, approx. 8-10 puppies per class.


Pussy & Pooch