Intermediate Obedience Class - Beverly Hills

Intermediate Obedience Class

This 5-Week class series is intended for dogs that have completed some form of basic obedience, including but not limited to behaviors such as sit, down, stay, come and loose leash walking. The goal of this series is to proof and generalize the following behaviors and commands (see weekly list below).

The Intermediate Obedience series at Pussy & Pooch is the perfect way to further your dog's education while creating opportunities for enrichment and socialization. During the hour-long classes, you and your dog will learn intermediate level behaviors, such as targeting, attention and isolated sit-down-stand, while proofing basic yet important behaviors, such as coming when called and stay, against the Three D's, Distraction, Distance and Duration. This series has a heavy focus on the pet parent-pet relationship and will strengthen the bond you have with your pet.

Upcoming Class Dates:

Nov 30-Dec 28 (5 consecutive Sundays). 

Time: 2:00pm-3:15pm

Cost: $185

Class Size: 8-10

Location: 9388 S. Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, 902120, 310.221.8644

Parking: Free parking in the lot across the street: 499 N. Canon

Once you purchase below, a staff member will call you to confirm your start date, answer any questions, and discuss specific needs for your dog. 

BUY ONLINE or call the services desk to reserve: 310.221.8644 (ext 3)

Week One:

Introductions and Assessments, Eye Contact, Targeting, Waiting at Doors and Stairs Handling, Recall

Week Two:

Review, Come and Leashing Up Manners, Loose Leash Walking and Attention, Stay (work on distance), Recall, Wait in Car

Week Three:

Review, Isolated Sit-Down-Stand, Stay (with distraction), Loose Leash and Leave It, Recall (in the store), Wait at Doors and Stairs with distractions 

Week Four:

Review, Loose Leash and Passing Other Dogs, Continue Leave It, Continue Isolated Sit-Down-Stand, Stay, Settle, Recall (in the store with distractions)                       

Week Five:

Review, Continue Isolated Sit-Down-Stand, Stay (with distance and distractions), Graduation!


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