Holiday MEOW Mingle + Kitten Adoptions with Kitty Bungalow

YOU'RE INVITED to our annual Holiday Cat Social for YOU + YOUR CAT. Be delighted and enjoy festive nibbles + sips featuring MEOWmosas, ChamPUSSY, plus 'Naughty or Nice' Kitty Treats + Catnip Bar by Tabby James. 
[You are encouraged to bring your cats for an outing, this is a FUN social afternoon for cat lovers AND your cats... though if your kitty is super shy, we'll have plenty of petting of our house cats and adoptables too!]

*** Book Signing + Meet Local Author Ted Meyer "The Butt Hello: And Other Ways My Cats Drive Me Crazy" - a whimsically humorous book that is the perfect gift for cat lovers
*** Original Cat Art + Photography Showcase - unique gift ideas that celebrate our community cats

*** Kitten Adoptions by Kitty Bungalow ... Bring home a new kitten for the Holidays!

*** Holiday Shopping for everything on your Kitty Wish List - 15% of sales during the Mingle donated back to Kitty Bungalow 
*** Free Photos for You and Your Cat with our Punky Santa
*** Fun Face Painting 
Cat Social FAQs:
Q: Can humans attend the Meow Mingle without their kitty? My cat is shy and not very social.
A: Absolutely! It’s also a celebration of cat owners. We’ll send you home with a kitty swag bag.
Q: Are there catfights? My cat doesn’t get along with other cats.
A: P&P is neutral territory, so there is nothing for your cat to defend. All the sights and smells will get the better of their curiosity, but a catfight is not likely. We advise all cats come in their carriers to minimize stress, so if the mingling is ‘too much’ they will have their own safe space to comfortably observe the action.


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