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Zoey¹s Place rescue is based out of Long Beach, CA and was created in 2012 when the founder started working in L.A and a stray family had settled in the business warehouse. One litter at a time, one discarded stray cat at a time, with dedicated care and love, we have saved as many lives as we could and do not wish to grow further than we can handle. Our mission is to give the best care to all of our rescues and never have to settle because of financial burdenŠso we won¹t rescue as much as others but our fosters are the happiest most well taken care of cats around!
We also conduct TNR in our colony in L.A and have so far spayed/ neutered about 30 cats in that area alone, contributing to fixing the over population problems.
We currently have 40 cats in rescue, 30 of which are kittens under 3 months old.

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