"Beasty Feast" - April Art Walk | Kogi BBQ at P&P


The Bailey Gallery @ Pussy & Pooch is pleased to announce the art exhibition "Beasty Feast," a group show consisting of new work by Los Angeles artists Kelly Thompson, Walt Hall, Susan Weber and Carmen Argote, with a special appearance by cat Squeaky McGee. Beasty Feast takes as its theme the animal around us and strives to point out the imagination, humor and fun that art can be in these trying times. Established artists Kelly Thompson, Walt Hall, Susan Weber and Carmen Argote create within their own unique artistic styles a feast for the eyes, a celebration of art and a bevy of beasty animals. Not neglecting our other senses, the famous Kogi Korean B-B-Q to-go truck will be on hand to add to the feast.

Squeaky McGee is a cinematic feline auteur. Outfitted with a special video camera, Squeaky roams the world to present a cat-eye, animal view of his surroundings that is genuinely charming and illuminating. A special slide show of Squeaky's photos, as well as his movie "Shot by Squeaky" will be projected on the Beasty Feast opening night. MORE ON BEASTY FEAST …

Kogi: An idea born from late night hunger. The taste of Korean BBQ fused with select spices creating some of the most unique and savory bites in LA. Kogi BBQ has become a local phenomenon – over 8000 people follow on Twitter to find its nightly locations. People travel from all over the city just to get a taste of the famous Korean BBQ! P&P is lucky enough to host Kogi on Art Walk. Special thanks goes out to our host Cosmo (P&P resident dog) and Item # 11 on Cosmo’s Bucket List. In honor of Cosmo, the chef will prepare a special menu item called, “The Cosmo Dog”. Kogi is dog friendly! Bring your pooch to experience Kogi and Cosmo will also reward you with a FREE MEAL at the PAWBAR.

Menu: Tacos $2, Burritos $5, Cosmo Dog (Pork Belly, Bacon, Onion, Miso-mayo Dog) $5 The truck will be there from 7 – 9 pm. Get their early as the line up can get long!

Want to get to the front of line? If you make an artwork purchase from Beasty Feast/Bailey Gallery you will automatically earn a trip to the front of the line!

Pussy & Pooch