Puppy Love Mutt Mingles

Valentine's Day may be over, but Puppy Love is still in the air at Pussy & Poochand fun to celebrate any time of the year! Bring your pooch and Mutt Mingle with us in DTLB 2/17, Belmont Shore 2/18,  DTLA 2/23 and Beverly Hills 2/25

There will be lots of savory treats, sweet treats and fizzy sips for both humans and pooches!! 

We can't wait to see you and share the love!!!

Mutt Mingles are a great way for your dog to learn valuable social skills. It’s a chance for them to experience and interact in a social setting - with food, drink and plenty of other distractions. It’s important for your dog to learn how to behave around other dogs and people. Dog parks or beaches can be very intimidating. Our indoor facility provides for a very comfortable setting and fun atmosphere. Dogs can be off-leash if supervised closely by their owners. For their protection, we lock the front door so dogs are safe from the street traffic.