Our Downtown Long Beach Boutique houses top brands in functional pet clothing, accessories, modern pet furniture and carriers. We also offer the finest premium, all natural spa products, eco-friendly toys, natural and organic treats and must-have everyday essentials. Best local selection of specialty brands, our downtown location is uptown in style. 

Meat Market


Progressive pet parents know that good health starts with quality ingredients. Our Downtown Los Angeles Meat Market is stocked with a variety of ultra-premium, organic, raw, alternative, and traditional pet food products. We offer pre-packaged pet meals and pet health supplements, as well as nutritional guidance from trusted pet nutrition experts. We’ve partnered with The Honest Kitchen to create an in-store  pet menu that is prepared fresh and in small batches from our kitchen to ensure all-natural goodness for your cat or dog. Shop our full range of pet supplies including a variety of all-natural litters, clean-up products,  training aids, and dog potty solutions.




The Downtown Long Beach Pawbar® is our signature one-of-a-kind in-store pet cafe offering made-to-order meals. We serve ultra-premium nutrient-dense food to keep pet coats shiny, improve digestion, and increase energy. And we’re experts in recommending the most beneficial, individualized menus for your pets. Cats and dogs are invited to dine-in or take-away choosing from a daily selection of raw meats, simmering stews and freshly prepared bowls. Seasonal menus made with whole food ingredients and featuring recipes from The Honest Kitchen are available by special request, prepared in our Beverly Hills kitchen. Lucky pets get to wash it down with a dog beer and finish with dessert, doggie bags available for take out.