Fill Their Belly with JOY!

Holiday Dog Cookies Take a Bite Out of Fake News

Gift Sets feature Trump Inspired Dog Cookies for the Political Hungry Naughty or Nice Pet and Pet Parent this Holiday Season

A unique gift for the person (or dog) who want to take a bite out of all things fake, our special edition Trump inspired satire Dog Cookies are the ultimate stocking stuffer this holiday season.

With a focus on healthy pet treats and whole food ingredients, our award winning Beverly Hills bakery creates tasty treats made from local, natural ingredients and are packaged fresh from the oven. Our dog cookies are so appetizing, even humans want to snack on them!

The four Holiday Dog Cookie Gift Sets are available for pre-order at all three of our store locations, or online at  Pick-up or shipping of orders will start early December.

$24.95 per set

Holiday Dog Cookie Gift Sets - Collect all 4:

  • Breaking News Gift Set
  • Traditional Holiday Symbols Gift Set
  • Lump of Coal Gift Set
  • Holiday Hemp Calming Cookies Gift Set

Breaking News Dog Cookie Gift Set

President Twitter is constantly breaking news, breaking rules, and breaking grammar rules. Dogs can’t read or understand the news, but they’ve had to endure an entire year of their parents reading stressful headlines. It’s time for them to enjoy some tasty cookies and help take a bite out of fake news!

  • Set of six uniquely designed pet cookies by our master baker
  • Pet cookies feature Trumpisms relating to breaking news: Travel Ban (airplane cookie), Pussy Grab (cat cookie), NFL (football cookie), Putin (heart cookie), North Korea (rocket cookie), The Wall (wall cookie)
  • Packaged in a gift box

Lump of Coal Dog Cookie Gift Set

Has your dog been naughty this year? Do you know a friend whose dog could use a bit of constructive feedback? Don’t worry, you won’t hurt their feelings because, unlike us, dogs can’t read or understand Trump’s insults (#jealous). Let ‘em eat the words and then, you know, get them out!

  • Set of eight uniquely designed cookies by our master baker
  • Pet cookies feature Trump’s most famous insults: bad, liar, fake, loser, nasty, crooked, zero, and disaster
  • 45 wants to “bring back coal” to create jobs! Unlike old-school coal, our artisanal coal cookies are safe, and handcrafted with activated charcoal.
  • Packaged in a gift box

Traditional Holiday Symbols Dog Cookie Gift Set

The holidays are going to be Yuuuge! Experience the holidays at the House of 45, with Holiday inspired Fake News. Is Santa real or fake? Is the Gingerbread Man good or bad? Do we really know The Snowman? Santa’s red hat now says Make America Great Again. The Snow Globe proves there’s no global warming, and The Ugly Christmas Sweater is beautiful.

  • Set of six uniquely designed cookies by our master baker

  • Pet cookies feature Santa Claus, The Gingerbread Man, The Snowman, Winter Hat, Snow Globe, and Ugly Christmas Sweater

  • Packaged in a gift box

Silent Night / Holiday Hemp Calming Dog Cookies Gift Set

The holidays can be stressful for everyone, especially pets who are dealing with added crowds, noise, travel, and of course, families arguing over politics during the holidays. Made with a proprietary blend of Hemp/CBD to calm stressed and anxious dogs, and encourage a restful sleep, let’s all take a “twitter” break, and enjoy a Silent Night.

  • Set of six uniquely designed cookies by our master baker
  • Pet cookies feature a silhouette of Trump in solid white and solid red
  • Packaged in a gift box


$24.95 per set

Order all 4 sets for $94.80.
That's a $5 saving!