ZiwiPeak Treats Premium 'Good Dog' Treats

ZiwiPeak Treats Premium 'Good Dog' Treats

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Available in 3 oz bag

ZiwiPeak pet food, Treats' are a natural, air-dried meat reward, prepared with care beneath the Bay of Plenty's celebrated peak, Mt Maunganui.

Reward your pet with the nutritional excellence of a healthy, meat treat that they'll love the taste of - and it's good for them!

  • ZiwiPeak ingredients are ranch-raised (free of antibiotics and hormones) on New Zealand's green fields and fished from its clear waters.
  • o added salt, no colors, preservatives, fillers or grains.
  • ZiwiPeak 'Treats' are suitable to feed your pet at any stage of life - from puppy or kitten to mature adult. 3oz. Bag.
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