Fresh Is Best - Chicken Hearts

Fresh Is Best - Chicken Hearts


Available in 3 oz

All of our freeze-dried, grain-free meat treats are a healthy snack for both dogs and cats. Made from the same human-quality, USDA meats as our pet foods, these treats possess the nutrition and flavor of raw meat, yet there's no need for refrigeration. Keep in sealed bag and in a cool, dry, dark place. For Dogs and Cats. These convenient easy to feed pieces can be used dry as a training treat or a between-meals snack. Reconstitute by soaking in a dish of tepid water and use as a savory meal topper. Because they are simply raw meat, they can be used as a meal replacement when boarding or traveling.

Ingredients: 100% USDA Chicken Hearts (Please note: chicken hearts have fat on them which looks like moisture in the bag. This is not moisture, rather, fat that turns "oily" in the drying process). All of our pet foods and treat products are made in a Wisconsin state-inspected, human-food processing plant and contain only human-quality, grain-free, natural and raw ingredients (all raised/grown in the USA) with no fillers, salt, sugar or artificial/dangerous preservatives.

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