Nina Ottosson Dog Miracle Puzzle

Nina Ottosson Dog Miracle Puzzle


Dog Miracle Puzzle is a mentally challenging treat puzzle game for you and your dog, which can be varied endlessly by how you place the puzzle bricks and where you put the treats. Hide treats in all the recesses in both the bottom and the upper side of all the bricks in the puzzle, stack the bricks on top of each other and lock them in different directions. Let your dog look for the treats by trying to move, lift, or push aside brick after brick with its paw or nose. Increase the degree of difficulty by putting the Dog Miracle Puzzle on a stool, or a chair or in your lap so your dog can only use its nose.

Key Benefits:


  • Provides mental stimulation

  • Level of difficulty 2

  • A pleasant and rewarding time for you and your dog

  • Enhances your relationship with your dog

Caution: Do not let the dog chew or bite the toy, only play the game with the dog, do not leave the dog unsupervised, and do not let the dog play with or chew the bricks/parts. When you have finished playing, put the toy away. It is meant only for animals, it is not a toy for children. Use the covers only for dogs that can cope with small parts without chewing them to pieces.

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