ZiwiPeak Dog Daily Cuisine - Lamb

ZiwiPeak Dog Daily Cuisine - Lamb

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The ranch-raised lamb used in ZiwiPeak 'Treats' and 'Cuisine' is a pure source of high quality protein and fats. Lamb provides these essential proteins and fats that pets need in their diet for muscle and brain function. Lamb is also a relatively new and substantially different meat source and as such, has wide appeal as an allergen free product if your pet has health problems in this area.

Ingredients: Lamb - Meat, Liver, Tripe, Heart & Kidney, Chickory Syrup, Green-lipped and Blue Mussel, Hoki Fish Oil, Lecithin, Kelp, Vitamins & Minerals, Mixed Tocopherals and Parsley.

Guaranteed Analysis: Fat 30.00% Moisture 10.00% Phosporus P 1.10% Calcium 2.00% Ash 8.00% Fibre 1.00% Protein 30.00%

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