ZiwiPeak Dog Daily Cuisine Fish & Venison

ZiwiPeak Dog Daily Cuisine Fish & Venison

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With nearly 85% meat and organs, Ziwi Peak Air Dried Dog Food is a complete breakthrough in the world of pet nutrition. Formulated to mimic the diet of a wild canid, Ziwi Peak's ingredients begin with ranched raised antibiotic free, hormone free and grass fed meat, liver, tripe, heart and kidney. That's the bulk of the food!Add in a little green lipped and blue mussel, fish oil, greens and vitamins and minerals and what you end up with is a food that extraordinarily healthy and digestible which results in a lower stool volume similar to that of a raw fed dog. It's raw without the thaw! Ziwi Peak contains no grains, artificial colours, salt, sugar, chemicals, or artificial flavours.

Formulated to meet the nutritional levels of AAFCO for all life stages, Ziwi Peak is an appropriate food for puppies, adult dogs, senior dogs and dogs in whelp. Highly palatable due to its natural ingredients, Ziwi Peak goes over well with even the pickiest of dogs. Use Ziwi Peak on its own as a daily diet, use it for emergency food ("Oops, I forgot to defrost dinner!"), use it for travel or use it to provide variety into any diet. Heck, you can even use it for training treats (which we do often!). Ziwi Peak Daily Dog Cuisine is air dried. Not is not a kibble. Take a bunch of very healthy meats, add in some other healthy ingredients and then gently air dry. You end up with a product that looks and feels more like a jerky.Because air drying is gentle, safe and performed under strict hygiene standards at Ziwi Peak's New Zealand production facility, vital nutrients are maintained within the product. Because of its unique proteins, Ziwi Peak is a phenomenal food for allergy dogs to be used as either the mainstay of the diet or for use in an elimination diet.

Ingredients: Venison - Meat (min. 50%), Liver, Tripe, Heart and Kidney (min. 19.5%), Fish (min. 15%), Chicory Inulin, Green-lipped Mussel (min. 4%), Fish Oil, Lecithin, Kelp, Vitamins and Minerals, Parsley, Naturally preserved with mixed tocopherols, Additives: Vit. D3 592 IU/kg, Vit. E 7.4mg/kg, Copper (copper proteinate) 9.8mg/kg. Calories 1778 KJ/100g.

Guaranteed Analysis: Protein (min.) 34% Ash (max.) 8% Fat (min.) 26% Fibre (max.) 1.8% Moisture (max.) 15% Calcium 2% Phosphorus P 1.1%

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