Big Shrimpy - Nest Bed (multiple color options)

Big Shrimpy - Nest Bed (multiple color options)

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The Big Shrimpy Nest is a dog bed built for comfort and a feeling of security. The durable outer cover utilizes 420-denier water-resistant nylon on the base while the bolster and center cushion are made with a durable, upholstery-grade polyester faux suede.  The Nest is where luxury and durability meet. 

All the components of the Nest bed are machine washable and dryable, and with component parts available separately, this should be the last dog bed you'll ever need to buy.

The inner liner of the center cushion has rip-stop nylon on one side and a poly/cotton pillow fabric on the other.  With the nylon side facing up, the center cushion helps to prevent wet stuff coming in from above in case you have a leaky dog or one who has a habit of being wet. The poly/cotton pillow fabric on the bottom side of the inner cushion allows for air inside the cushion to escape. The bolster cushion is also half nylon and half pillow fabric with the nylon side oriented toward the center of the bed.

  • Small - Outer diameter 27 inches, inner diameter 16 inches, bolster height 8 inches

  • Medium - Outer diameter 34 inches, inner diameter 21 inches, bolster height 9 inches

  • Large - Outer diameter 44 inches, inner diameter 27 inches, bolster height 10 inches

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