Muttluk Dog Boots

Muttluk Dog Boots

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Finally dog boots that stay on! Muttluks are not just fancy footwear. Made in Canada, Muttluks provide comfort, protection and durability to keep paws healthy. While these boots are very durable, keep in mind that dog boots are like people boots, they wear out. They'll wear out a lot faster on cement too. Machine washable. Four boots to a package.

Only available in Solid Black.

Product Features: Waterproof coated fabric. The leather toe cover (available in sizes M-XXL) offers protection and durability for larger dogs; Cordura© Nylon toe cover for smaller dogs (sizes Itty-Bitty to Small). Not for slippery ice or solid floors, 3M Scotchlite reflective material on the strap provides safety and nighttime visibility. Self tightening Velcro© fastening system allows for easy, secure and quick fastening. Comfortable stretchy cuff is versatile and easily adapted to dogs with short or long legs. Bottoms made from abrasion resistant leather (suede). Leather is water and salt resistant.

Machine washable, tumble dry. These boots are not designed for swimming.

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