Climb Cat Condo

Climb Cat Condo


The Cat Tower Climb is a stackable five cube cat tower. It's the condo for the hip kitty. Constructed of wood covered in colorful durable corrugated cotton fabric, each cube has perfectly placed circle-shaped holes for climbing from top to bottom or playing a fun game of "peak-a-boo". Use all five pieces together, set up smaller side by side groups or use individual pieces in different rooms around the house. COOL color combination includes Brown, White, Blue, Green and Tan. WARM color combination includes Dark Brown, White, Orange, Rose and Light Brown Perfectly place holes for climbing from top to bottom Great color combinations; looks great in any room Stackable for flexible configurations and easy storage Fully Exterior Cotton Fabric; your kitty will love digging into it!

Storing Size: L17.7 in x W17.7 in x H17.7 in Cube A: L13 in x W13 in x H13 in Cube B: L14.2 in x W14.2 in x H14.2 in Cube C: L15.4 in x W15.4 in x H15.4 in Cube D: L16.5 in x W16.5 in x H16.5 in Cube E: L17.7 in x W17.7 in x H17.7 in Full height 73.6 in (6 ft. 13 inches)

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