Curio Litter Liner

Curio Litter Liner


The CURIO Litter Liner holds your preferred cat litter and is specifically designed to be used with your CURIO to create the ultimate litter box solution—just watch the short video below! Custom made to fit perfectly inside your CURIO Made from durable 1/8″ ABS polymer 10″ high walls for maximum litter retention 100% waterproof Convenient handle-holes for easy lifting.

Dimensions: 14.25″W x 20.25″L x 10″H

Instructions: Insert liner into CURIO with entry holes aligned. Fill liner with 2-3″ of your favorite cat litter. Scoop daily for maximum freshness.

Color: Black

Ship Weight: 4 lbs The CURIO Litter Liner is specifically designed to be used with CURIO litter box solution.

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