Primal Turkey (local delivery only)

Primal Turkey (local delivery only)


Primal feline formulas are developed to directly mirror the diet of felines in the wild.

All Primal felines formulas are scientifically balanced to ensure that each pound of food offers the proper ratio of muscle meats, meaty bones and calcium rich organic ingredients, organ meats and finely ground raw fruits and vegetables.

  • 100% Human-Grade Ingredients.
  • Antibiotic- and Hormone-Free Meats and Poultry for superior levels of amino and essential fatty acids.
  • Organic Fruits & Vegetables for food-derived vitamins A, B-complex, C and D.
  • Finely ground, fresh beef bones for optimum levels of calcium
  • Taurine supplement for optimum retinal health.
  • Organic and Unrefined Supplements.
  • Organic coconut oil for linolenic fatty acids. 
  • 100% Grain-Free.
  • All Natural Vegetarian Fed Protein Sources

In addition, Primal offers a well balanced combination of nutritional supplements enhancing digestion and circulation, as well as providing optimum levels of calcium, phosphorous and Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids.

Through the combination of 100% human-grade raw meats, poultry, game and produce, and properly balanced nutritional supplementation, Primal offer an easy and nutritionally superior way of feeding your cats a safe and easy to use raw food diet.

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein (min) 17%, Crude Fat (min) 7% ,Crude Fiber (max) 1%, Moisture (max) 73%

Ingredients: Turkey 95%, Organic Ingredients 5%, Produce 5%, Organ Meat 8%, Supplements Bone Content ≅ 10% CA-to-P ratio 1.52:1

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