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New Clients


Pussy & Pooch is proud to offer luxury Cage-Free boarding, accommodations and amenities in our award-winning facility for your furry family member. Considered the new frontier of boarding services, Cage-Free boarding allows your pet to relax in safety and comfort while you’re away. Traditional kennels take our social friends and wall them off from the rest of the world, narrowing their reality to a noisy, smelly, lonely box that can often exacerbate training issues such as separation anxiety, potty accidents, poor impulse control and many others, turning an ordinary trip into a stressful experience for both you and your dog.

Our newest service offering by popular demand is an extension of our Social Club and Training Lab, creating the total Urban Resort experience. We have created a home-away-from-home environment that you and your dog will love! From amenities including luxury bedding, aromatherapy and music designed to provide the best quality of sleep to the expert care of our highly trained and CPR certified staff, your pet may never want to leave. We provide every guest with individual attention and keep up with your pet’s regular routine including meal schedules and bathroom breaks, as well as grooming necessities in our Bathhouse salon and spa. Daily exercise requirements in our Social Club will keep your dog active and less anxious while you’re away.



As a premium service with limited availability; Reservations are required. We recommend that reservations are made in advance, with particular forethought to booking during Holidays. While we will do our best to accommodate all your boarding needs, Boarding is done on a first come, first serve basis.

Reservations can be made by our Concierge Desk at (310) 221-8644 x106 or by emailing your request to



At the time of booking, a *deposit of 30% of the total Boarding cost will be charged. **Deposits for Holiday stays will be 50% of the total Boarding costs.



All guests may choose to either pay the balance of their stay, minus the deposit, upon check in or they will be billed 30% of their pet’s remaining stay weekly to the credit card on file. Any remaining charges will be collected in full at the end of their pet’s boarding stay.



Payment for the entire reserved boarding stay will be incurred unless the cancellation is made at least 42 hours in advance and at least 7 days in advance for Holiday bookings.  

Check In & Check Out


Check in is no later than 4pm to allow for enough time for the dogs to settle in before lights out. If your dog checks in after 4pm but before 6pm, a late Check in fee of $20 will be added to their stay. Any dogs dropped off after 6pm will be charged $50. Check out is no later than 11am, dogs that have not been picked up by 11am will be checked into Social Club, with normal Social Club charges applying.

Frequency Agreement


Dogs new to our Boarding Services are required to have visited Social Club three times prior to their Boarding stay, in order to make sure that each dog spending the night in our Cage Free Boarding is comfortable with the environment. Dogs boarding over any Holidays must have spent three nights Boarding with us in the previous six months. Additionally, to keep any Temperament Tests valid we require at least one day of Social Club and one night of Boarding during the calendar year or the dog will need to be reevaluated.

Food Agreement


I understand that I am expected to provide Pussy & Pooch with sufficient food for my dog during his or her stay. If I do not provide sufficient food Pussy & Pooch may purchase food of its choosing, and I agree to pay the price meal provided by the facility.

Social Club - New Clients


Boarding is an extension service offering of our Social Club and/or Training Lab, and as such, your dog must qualify to meet the admission requirements of those services first BEFORE requesting overnight accommodations with us.