Owning the Y - What’s in a Name?

People have always been curious about our company name. It’s amazing that just one word can have such a powerful impact on people – positive or negative. Funny enough, saying that P-word used to make me uncomfortable years ago too, until I felt empowered to reclaim it in a positive way, boldly making my favorite felines one of our differentiators in a dog-dominated industry. Basically, we always knew cats were cool, long before the internet (and the world), finally stepped up to put cats into the spotlight… and well, we all know who OWNS the internet now… CATS!! Cats are everywhere these days and we say, it’s about time.

Love it or hate it, the P-word it gets your attention. Honestly though, the intention behind the name wasn’t merely an attention-grabbing stunt for us. When we started P&P in 2007, we really wanted to elevate the experience of shopping for your cat and to redefine a modern pet lifestyle through our products designed to enrich your home environment (to be comfortable/pleasing for your cats and aesthetically pleasing to you) and our services focused around educating about species appropriate nutrition, wellness, grooming, socialization, and play.

How many unique or creative ways are there to say “cat & dog” and make a powerful brand statement? None. So yeah, we boldly went there and haven’t looked back… it’s immeasurably memorable.

 If you look WAY back in history, as noted by Wikipedia, the origins of the word ‘pussy’ in many different languages and from the Modern English word puss, originally referred to cats… The word puss appeared in English as early as 1533. Earlier etymology is uncertain, but similar words exist in other European languages.

 Did you know there was even a commercial cat food ‘Puss N Boots’ launched in the 1930’s and became the #1 cat food brand in the U.S. by the 1950’s?

 If the P-word makes you uncomfortable, we say ‘own the Y’ – don’t be shy and don’t autocorrect yourself. It’s not ‘Puss & Pooch’, or ‘Puss & Boots’; it’s Pussy (with a Y) & Pooch… By acknowledging the word you give equal importance to our feline friends as significant family members and Masters of the Universe.

 We stay committed to breaking the stereotype of cats and cat people, and to raising awareness for better caregiving and living harmoniously with cats. Minxx our original Mascot is now age 23… and we currently have a 6-pack of cats… so clearly we know a thing or two about pussy-cats!