It was the best of times; it was the worst of times….

This is often how we might have characterized our last five years and the experience of building out a phenomenal animal care retail and services center in Beverly Hills. Our award-winning 12Ksf flagship brand location was our proudest accomplishment to-date earning recognition worldwide for design, innovation, 5-star services, and attracting some of the most notable clientele, who were delighted by the P&P lifestyle experience we created.  “Nothing quite like it in the world!” is something we would often overhear our clients gushing on the daily. It really was the cats’ meow! And the cats – our Feline Ambassadors enriching the space Romeo + Julius, and Madame Harlow were the ones really running the show there, each having their own raving fans and were such an integral part of our story. The pet valet alleyway was buzzing daily with dogs of all shapes and sizes coming and going arriving excited to join our pack for the day for socialization, fitness, or fun –or beauties for their blowouts and expert salon style. Brunch at the Pawbar, sweet treats from the Bakery, designer pet fashion in the Champagne room and on the catwalk … are just a few of the many in-store concepts that ensured that you could come in with your fur kids and have a different experience every day of the week. We loved so many of our furry clients as they were our very own, so it was with very heavy hearts that we made the difficult decision to close our doors when some of the location-based day-to-day challenges were simply insurmountable. As the saying goes, even the best things must come to an end eventually. And so it was.


Everyone was shocked, outraged, disappointed, and sad; a huge loss for the community of Beverly Hills and beyond; bittersweet for us. So what went wrong? Let’s just say, …”It’s complicated”. When we opened, many said we were either F-ing crazy, or F-ing genius … clearly we were a bit of both. It was a #gamechanger

The build out

The facility

The operations

The growth

The contraction

The clientele

The retail shift


The scale and complexity of most things associated with that location (and maintaining the ultra-high bar we set for ourselves) were battles we fought daily, many of which were beyond our control, especially during a time when so much is rapidly shifting within the retail landscape. Simply, the location didn’t match it’s potential.


We never expected this to be easy, but it proved to be a very humbling experience for us, personally and professionally, beyond disappointing at times. 2018 was indeed one for the record books, for some of the most awesome moments of the year… contrasted by the Pet Lifestyle Center closing. Yet in past six months since then, we have accepted that pivoting to our next great achievement is key in the not-too-distant future. Acceptance of the cycle of creation (pain, death, destruction, regrowth) is a necessary part to continue growing, from this we will be better, and continue to innovate.  Stay tuned to see what’s next for us, for the best is still yet to come!