We've officially arrived...


Owners Janene and Rob with Jan Perry during the ribbon cutting at the Pawbar

January 31st, 2008 was the official launch party for Pussy & Pooch, an original and modern pet boutique in Downtown Los Angeles. The launch party gave customers a chance to get to mingle with other pet-lovers and neighbors, acquaint themselves with products in the store and celebrate in a huge way! Guests mingled and celebrated over Pooch Punch and cupcakes and took their own personal tours of the store.


Workin' it for our pet fashion show

The Bailey Gallery was transformed into a mix of cool pet lounge with funky tunes and animal-themed artwork from local artists. The highlight of the gallery was when the lights went down and our pet fashion show took the stage featuring ensembles by

Pink Polka Dog

, Paris Erotica, Diamond Dogs,


, and

Wacky Walkr

worn by modern dogs and escorted by their owners.



came down to keep everyone's ear drums happy


Cosmo enjoying Primal raw food at the Pawbar

Our pets got their fill of eats and drinks as well, with

Polka Dog Bakery

bringing their scrumptious Pupcakes and


serving raw meaty meals, not a single dog left the Pawbar without their fill of yummy treats.

Wacky Walk'r

showed up with their rainbow of rubbery leashes and put the word out on their fantastic product.


Jenna and Rob announcing raffle prize winners

The charity raffle for The Downtown Dog Rescue featured over $2500 in prizes for a great downtown cause. Many of our great companies provided their products to benefit The Downtown Dog Rescue, and we couldn't be more thankful!

Overall we'd give the party a 12 out of 10, based on the fact that everyone who participated really brought our launch party above and beyond anything we could have imagined. We'd like to give huge thanks to the sponsors who were able to make it out to our area for the event and to all the Downtowners who showed to give their support!

You can check out more photos from our launch party here.

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