Have you ever been slapped by a cat?


It really is all my fault as I started spoiling her from the ripe age of 8 weeks...well really 6 weeks when she was first introduced in my life. Gertrude is my youngest cat and she will be 1 in February. She it the princess, queen, and ruler of my loft. I allow her to come and go as she pleases and do whatever she wants. Now she is at the experimental stage where she is in to everything and test all boundries. I have in the recent months decided to introduce her to the word NO....bad idea!

She is a very emotional creature and when the word no comes out of my mouth I get hissed at and evern better...I get Slapped! Yes you heard me correctly...SLAPPED!

Most would think that I am totally crazy and out of my mind (well actually I am) but my best friends were over and the witnesed it first hand. I was sitting on my couch after firmly stating the word no to Gertrude for misbehaving and she got on the couch and with her little spunky attitude slapped me not once but 3 times....no claws.

About a week later she had another "little Miss attitude" fit and slapped me again but this time she bit my forehead. Most would think that this is crazy and would think that it is some violent behavior but in reality if you ever met Gertrude you would see that she is just a spoiled rotten little kitty who is very in tune with her emotions.

She is amazing and I have to say she make me laugh because excuse my language but she put truth to the term "bitch slap".