Rob Dyrdek of MTV's "Rob & Big" Skate Through Pussy & Pooch with new puppy


Professional skateboarder Rob Drydek of MTV's "Rob & Big" skated through Pussy & Pooch with his puppy Bull-Dog "Beefy" and adult Bull-Dog "Meaty". This was an outing dedicated to spoiling Beefy and loading up on stuff to make her comfortable in her new Hollywood home and new Downtown facility know as the 'Fantasy Factory'. This was their first day together as Rob picked up Beefy that morning. Beefy was seen romping in beds and playing with all the toys and accessories she could get her paws on. It was a good scoop, both Beefy and Meaty loaded up on new beds, toys and more - including "pink wings" for Halloween. We couldn't get enough of watching Beefy parade through the store with her wings! Watch MTV starting Feb 8th @ 9pm to see the new reality show "MTV Fantasy Factory" ... and be on the lookout for the P&P segment.

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