Downtown Dog Park at Pershing Square. Your input is needed!

[Drum Roll] And now what we have all been waiting for. . .A NEW DOG PARK AT PERSHING SQUARE! Downtown dog owners, your input is essential and needed now. Pershing Square is the proposed site of a new dog park, but the Pershing Square Advisory Board needs your input to make it a functional and successful addition to the downtown community. As the proposal stands there are four options for the area including landscape-only plan (no dog park) in the Palm Court, a dusty pocket of Pershing Square near the corner of 5th and Hill; a 2,235-square foot dog park plus landscaping improvements in the Palm Court; and a 4,061-square-foot dog park along 6th Street.

Funding for the project has already been obtained and construction is expected to begin once design approvals are granted. If you live downtown and have an opinion on this, please make yourself heard and do the right thing for pets in downtown Los Angeles. This minor facelift will brighten up downtown living and will definitely encourage growth in the housing and business sectors in the area.

Voice your opinion and learn more here! The choice is yours.