Over 40 Chihuahua's Invade P&P!


Aye-Chihuahua! The Los Angeles Chihuahua Meetup group held a shindig in the Bailey Gallery that the dogs can not stop barking about. Doggy treats got chowed down, games got played and refreshments and snacks for parents and pals were also enjoyed. Forty (40) plus Chihuahua’s and their parents planned the event on Meetup.com and the Hydrant. The showing proved how the tight knit group united to spoil their little pooches. Beverly Hills Chihuahua and the Taco Bell dog are both saying “Yo quiero Pussy & Pooch” after this meet up event. Pussy & Pooch looks forward to sharing your next furry friend’s social event with style. Contact us directly to arrange your gathering and create priceless memories forever. We will always remember that Chihuahua’s know how to party!

See the Chihuahua Meet Up Here: Chihuahua Meet Up Photo Album

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