Arf Walks! Mozaic, Gas Co. Lofts, 717


Pussy & Pooch hosts “Arf Walk” events at many loft buildings downtown for a unique meet up experience. Games are organized, treats and beverages are served and some friendly competitions take place. Recently Pussy & Pooch had “Arf Walk” events at the Mozaic, Gas Co. lofts, and 717 Olympic. Each night, our groups gathered for a stroll in the neighborhood with some tail wagging all the way. The Gas Co. Arf Walk was highlighted with a visit to LA LIVE in the midst of Lakers vs. Clippers game.

Welcome P & P to your neighborhood in the future for an event unrivaled by your typical loft hangout. Grab your furry friend and head on down to Pussy & Pooch or give them a call directly to organize your event today.

See the Arf Walks Here: Arf Walk Photo Album

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