P&P Steals the (LA Home) Show


On Feb 21, P&P participated in the LA Home Show. Not only did we have a cool booth filled with fun product, but we brought our pets too! Resident cat - Frida (see photo) explored the show, walking up and down the aisles, making her self at home. Frida loves the vibration from stereo speakers. She kept going to this one booth, haunting them and staring at the speakers.

This is the first year that the Home Show had a pet section, so they included a doggie fashion show too. Resident dog Ande (with Gary) and Cali (with Tanya) stole the show in their fashionable outfits. Other doggie stars Tillman and Flyin’ Lion performed. Cosmo barked by proxy and did not attend.

Signs of the economy showed as the attendance was much lower than expected. However attendees did catch a glimpse of new design ideas for the home for your pet. Of course, you can see this daily at P&P. Come on in and see the latest and greatest in home design. Your pets deserve to look stylish too.

Photos from the Fashion Show and Booth

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