Biscuit & Tea Party - A Royal Success


February’s Mutt Mingle celebrated International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day. I can remember when I was a young boy and celebrated this day with my parents. Or am I getting confused with a real holiday? Anyways, someone really did make up this special day so we did our part and celebrated in style with Tea & Biscuits (human & pooch-friendly). This was not your Grandma’s Tea Party. She wouldn’t let 30 dogs run loose and pee on her furniture. Or is that why grandma covers her furniture with plastic?

Our friends from Sip Tea, downtown’s hip, new tea house (Broadway and 9th) provided fresh-brewed organic teas. Resident chef “Leeeee” (see photo) prepared some tasty tea sandwiches for the adults and set up treat-tasting at the Pawbar (for the hungry canines). Over 30 dogs enjoyed the snacks and off-leash fun time. The off-leash time has become so fun that we’ve started to allow it more. To protect the dogs from escaping to the street we lock the front door and have everyone use the patio or side door.

Here are more photos from the event. Please upload your photos too!

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