A great 08 for Max Neutra - watch LIVE painting Thurs night!


P&P’s Bailey Gallery is a big supporter of local Artists. We’ve been very lucky to meet Max Neutra and display his amazing work in the Gallery. Many of you have watched him perform “live painting” during the Downtown Art Walk - right in front of the store on Main Street. Well, Max is at it again and will perform LIVE on this Thursday night during Art Walk (March 12 - 7-10 pm).

If you missed Max’s show in 2008, you can get a peak of his work on this Year in Review video on You Tube. You can see his live painting in action too! You Tube Video

Max’s show at the Bailey Gallery was so successful we ran out of “red dots” to put on the wall. He sold so many paintings that it looked like the wall had Chicken Pox – which gives a new meaning to the expression, “that show was sick”.

Congrats Max on the great year! Thanks for including us in the video.

Learn more about Max:http://maxneutra.com/http://youtube.com/user/maxfneutrahttp://www.myspace.com/maxneutrahttp://maxneutra.blogspot.com/