Cosmo Announces Bucket List | Invites you to his Birthday Party


Not all news is good news on the Hydrant. About a month ago, P&P dog Cosmo was diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately it has spread too much to operate. So the best we can do now is to make him feel comfortable and enjoy his remaining months. Although the timing is not certain, its time to make the best with the time we have left together.

I’ve passed the stage of sadness and am now into acceptance. I’ve had an amazing relationship for 14 years, more than I could possibly begin to share. Cosmo and I have come to accept this news and have started a much deeper relationship. I didn’t think our relationship could get any better, but it has. We cherish every day and spend meaningful and quality time together.

Over the past month, Cosmo has been taking medication and several holistic supplements (we’ll get more into this in a future post). His energy level has increased and he’s now more active than he’s been in months.

I realize this is the worst news to share and that every pet owner dreads when this day will come for them. So I share this news to motivate you to enjoy your time together now and to prepare for your day in the future. Over the next few months, I will share some personal experiences in hopes that it will benefit your lives and relationships with your love ones.

There was a recent movie called, “The Bucket List”. It was about two men with terminal diagnoses. They made a list of all the things they wanted to do or see before they “Kicked the Bucket”. Cosmo (often inspired by Hollywood movies) decided to create his own Bucket List (details to be announced next week). One of the items on his list is to have a big Birthday Party at P&P. So we scheduled it for next Tuesday the 24th from 6-9 pm. All P&P customers are invited to come. The event is a Hollywood theme. You can see the event details here. Cosmo knows this will be his last birthday so he wants to go out with a bang. It is going to be a very special night for all of us, so we hope you can make it!

More to come…