Bucket List Revealed – Follow the Journey


Last week, Cosmo announced his Bucket List and shared his diagnosis with all his fans. Today, Cosmo reveals his Bucket List and starts his journey to accomplish these items one by one. In the days and weeks to come, Cosmo will post his stories & photos as he accomplishes these important items. He hopes to inspire others to experience life and to create special memories.

Cosmo welcomes your comments and suggestions on these items and other items that he should add to his list.

Cosmo’s Bucket List: (Links will be added to completed items)

1. Pee on something truly majestic 2. Help a complete stranger for a common good 3. Laugh till I cry 4. Party like a Hollywood Rock Star - Host my 14th Birthday at Pussy & Pooch 5. Lick the most beautiful girl in the world 6. Die my hair a different color 7. Go on a weekend road trip with Mom & Dad 8. Eat my weight in cheese 9. Get back in touch - with grass 10. Go shopping at the Grove and cruise the mall babes 11. Host the Kogi BBQ truck at Pussy & Pooch 12. Take a professional photo session with Mom & Dad 13. Visit dog beach in Long Beach 14. Walk the board walk at Venice Beach 15. Poo in the "Bu" (Malibu)

See the original List from the movie – “The Bucket List”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Bucket_Listhttp://thebucketlist.warnerbros.com/

Note: We all know Cosmo to be very stylish, so you won’t see him wearing really bad flannel shirts with a front pocket so he can carry around his list (like the main character on the TV Show, “My Name Is Earl”.) Cosmo won’t be growing a moustache either. He already tried and removed it from his list.

Photo: Cosmo stylin' in his tuxedo - 14th Birthday Party (More photos and story coming soon)