Bucket List Item # 4 - Party like a Hollywood Rock Star


On March 16, Cosmo officially turned 14. But on March 24, Cosmo celebrated his birthday at P&P with over 50 dogs and a packed house. Everyone partied like a rock star at the Hollywood–Style event. Each doggie guest was greeted by host Cosmo with a Hollywood garland and a walk along the red carpet. Cosmo looked ultra festive in his tuxedo and garland. ***

Everyone was well nourished by Lee’s tasty hors de ordervs (Lee – you out did yourself again!) and Seak’s festive cocktails. The dogs devoured doggie b-day cake, and fresh-prepared meals by Pressley & Dean at the Pawbar. One dog saved his appetite for the “fastest eater” contest – and won. This little dude killed a pile of kibble much faster than dogs 5 times his size. Way to go Cougar! Prizes were also awarded for Best Dressed (lil Prada in her Chanel suit - em* Hello!*) and Best Trick (Gizmo's jump thru a hoop!) Special guest Preston – from CBS’s Greatest American dog added in some tricks of his own.

You can check out all the photos here. Special thanks to Grace of Shine Pet Photos for all her amazing photos! Cosmo will be crossing off Bucket List # 12 this weekend – taking professional photos in a secret off-site location.

I’d like to personally thank everyone who made this evening extra special – the guests, the staff (who worked extra hard), Janene (who made the place look fabulous as always), and of course Cosmo. Mingles will not be the same without you. Janene won’t miss the barking, but I will.

Stay tuned for more of Cosmo's Bucket List.

***A few days before the event, Cosmo was at the tailor (getting his tux taken in), there was this guy behind us in line, watching Cosmo try on his tux after alterations. He gave us this look - “seriously, you got an outfit altered for your dog and I’m standing here waiting behind you?” The expression on his face was priceless. I told him, “he’s got a big party to go to”, and Cosmo “walked-it out”.

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